Tonsilloliths and Tonsil Stones: Causes, Removal and Prevention

For anyone unfortunate enough to have them, Tonsilloliths, or Tonsil Stones as they are more commonly known, are a disaster waiting to happen. All it takes is a cough, sneeze or burp and suddenly, one of those foul-tasting and even worse-smelling rocks could be on your tongue or maybe even flying out of your mouth. And even if they don’t pop out, there’s that constant breath problem due to their presence.

For any sufferers who understand something about what these things are and how they form, the situation described above is a worst-case scenario. But for those who are getting them for the first time and perhaps have no idea what they are, the worst-case scenario is far more frightening.

First-time victims with no understanding of this condition can’t help but wonder whether they might have cancer or some other potentially fatal disease. It’s a pretty scary time for them.

The articles listed below are intended to relieve some of those fears. Read on to learn about the causes, different techniques for removal, treatment methods, and best of all, prevention.

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