Tonsil Stones

by john

Hi... My name is John, and I'm 20 yrs old. I'm having problems with tonsil stones. Since getting these tonsil stones, my life has gotten worse. I had used many antibiotics, and I faced many doctors. Since I started using medicines, there is no change.

I left with frustration, and I went to try a more traditional way. I went to see an old man who live in countryside. I told him the story of what I have, and the man said to me, you need a traditional cure. He started building up the fire. Then he put a nail in the fire. When the nail was very hot, he put it inside my mouth and put it on my tonsils. Oh my god! He said to me use some antibiotics.

Having this process has not changed what my problem is. Up to now, I'm having bad breath. I was a fat person, but now I become very thin. My friends and cousins were surprised.

From that time up to now, I don't go to visit my girlfriend because having bad breath is the most danger I had in my life. Oh my dear... Give me some idea to prevent this bad breath.. Sorry for my handwriting.

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