Tonsil Stones

by Jay
(London )

These little things have made my life a misery. I never used to get them, but these past couple of weeks, I've been figuring out where my bad breath been coming from, and I found out it's coming from my tonsils. I get these things once or twice a month, sometimes could be three. It's making me mad. I'm looking for a ENT specialist to get this thing checked out. I was wondering if getting my tonsils removed is a good option, or is there an easier option to stop the recurrence of tonsil stones?

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Nov 04, 2007
Save Surgery for Your Final Option
by: Gary

Hi Jay,

Sorry to hear you're having so may problems with those nasty little things. Although surgery is the most effective way to get rid of tonsil stones quickly and permanently, it carries a fair amount of risk. If your only reason for having an elective tonsillectomy is to get rid of the tonsil stone problem, you may have trouble finding an ENT who will perform the procedure. However, there are some partial surgical procedures which carry somewhat less risk. An ENT can advise you on those.

Before you go down the surgery path, my suggestion is that you try the TheraBreath product line. My tonsils were removed when I was a young child, so I can't share a personal testimony as to the effectiveness of TheraBreath products against tonsil stones. However, I know that many sufferers have been able to reduce or even eliminate the problem.

Those who weren't able to eliminate the tonsil stones were able to eliminate the associated bad breath. And for eliminating bad breath, I can personally testify that the TheraBreath product line is 100% effective, whether or not you suffer from tonsil stones. Plus, you can try these products 100% risk-free.

The best way to try these products is by visiting I Want Fresh Breath. You'll pay shipping charges only while you test the TheraBreath products.

For additional information about TheraBreath, click here.

Whatever you decide to do, Jay, please post back and let me know how things are going for you. I wish you all the best and hope that you're able to overcome this challenge.

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