Tonsil Stones - Ouch!

by me

I'm very concerned with getting large Tonsilloliths. I'm 24 and I fear that this may have been the source of my bad breath for around 13 years now. Could I have a 13 year old stone? I've removed 3 from one side on my own after one fell out, sparking my curiosity and leading me to this site.

It hurts to remove these things, and I feel like they are making me sick! The crypt they came out of looks like a split open pea pod. Is this normal? Could there be more that are too large for me to remove? The one that just popped out on its own was the largest - about a cm. diameter and pretty spherical. The other side is also sore but nothing seems to want to come out. However, I can see a small white ball-ish thing, which prompted my question as to whether other Tonsil Stones could be stuck in there.

I'd also like to receive information regarding any symptoms other then localized pain or discomfort, the odor and nasty taste, what, if any, substance I can apply to the area that would be beneficial, and what I can do about the pain?

I used a carbamide mouthwash gargle and a honey and salt rinse after I ate to combat this problem. I hope it's safe and effective, even though it was somewhat an uncomfortable mess! Someone please respond. I can use all the help I can get. My breath is really foul even after brushing! All suggestions welcome!

Gary's Response: Most Tonsil Stone sufferers who post on this site make little or no mention of pain. It sounds like you may have gotten a bit carried away while attempting to remove the stones. Tonsilar tissue is delicate and tears easily. If your tonsil is still sore and split open as you described above, you need to see an ENT or your personal physician as soon as possible ( I have not worked on this site for a while, so I apologize for not giving you the timely response you deserve).

Then you should download your free copy of The Bad Breath Bible. When you read it, pay close attention to the section on Tonsil Stones. You'll learn what causes them as well as how to get rid of the resulting bad breath, while at the same time, greatly reducing and possibly eliminating Tonsil Stones from your life.

Best of luck to you in your struggle to overcome this problem. Please post back to let everyone know how you're doing.

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