Tonsil Stone Removal by Laser Resurfacing

by DD
(Thousand Oaks, California)

I would like to find ENT Surgeons who specialize in removal of tonsil stones by laser resurfacing. Where can one find a list or directory of such specialists by counties or cities?

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Oct 03, 2009
Enlarged Tonsil
by: gayle

I would like to find an ENT dr who performs tonsil resurfacing in Arizona. If anyone can help me, I'd appreciate it. I'm miserable with one enlarged, sore tonsil, which when I eat food gets stuck in my throat and causes me to choke. I've had this for 8 mos and I'm really tired of it. Thanks :)
my e=mail;

Aug 28, 2008
Great Question!
by: Gary

Hi DD,

Thanks for posting this tremendous question! Laser resurfacing of the tonsils is new to me, but I'm going to find out more about it. My guess is that while it's likely to remove tonsil stones, the process is more about preventing them.

As soon as I find out what's available in your area, I'll post back here. But you've given me a great idea for a resource that may be of great value to the thousands of people who come to this site each month looking for answers to their questions and relief from their problems with tonsil stones and its accompanying bad breath.

Thanks again!

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