Sick Of Virusy Swollen-Gland Feeling With Tonsil Stones

by Jeannie
(Boston, MA )

I got tonsil stones for the first time after I had a bad sinus infection. The ENT put tubes down my infected sinuses, and it was an awful procedure to go through. And he put me on antibiotics for 10 to 14 days.

I ended up getting two things. From the sinus infection, I got this big pea size tonsil stone. (took me a long time to figure out what it was- Google is a godsend.) I never had tonsil stones before this... Ever. And I ended up in the emergency room from being intestinally impacted. Horrible pain. I couldn't have a bowel movement for days. I believe being impacted was from being TOO long on antibiotics. Pharmacist and doctor said no but what else could it be?

Now I get these little devil tonsil stones regularly. And I end up periodically (for a few minutes or for half the day or for a whole day or two) feeling "virusy" and miserable and like my throat (neck) glands feel swollen. Not sore. I think it is from tonsil stones and the bacteria. I have had this "virusy feeling" long before the tonsil stones first appeared.

I have 3 cats and one has asthma and I give her meds twice a day. My second cat is wheezing now. I live in subsidized housing with 23 yr. old rugs. I managed to get rid of the hall rug and the living room rug. Now I need to get rid of the bedroom rug. Hard job but worth it. My ENT seems to think I have environmental allergies due to my rugs. I don't have a lot of money and I need to buy a vacuum cleaner and wet vac too to clean the floors.

I also believe that the old heating system here (forced hot air from a boiler downstairs if I am correct) needs to be cleaned out. But Boston Housing Authority won't do it. They won't paint the walls, replace my rusty stove etc. Boston Housing Authority (BHA) is funded by HUD (Housing and Urban Development). This development is from the 1950's for housing the World War 2 Vets and their families. Old heating system. And air purifiers are expensive. Besides which most air purifiers don't work. Two ENT doctors told me that. They both said humidifiers do. Humidifiers do work. I notice that once I close the windows for the cold weather, I start feeling sicker.

I am SO sick of feeling virusy. Virusy to me is that yicky feeling you get when you are coming down with a cold. My dentist told me my tonsils look a little red. And when I had an endoscopy done, the gastroenterologist said I have a small throat cavity which probably has a lot to do with things. Okay, that is my story. PLEASE someone respond. My e-mail is: Thank you- Jeannie

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Oct 05, 2008
I Know That Virusy Feeling
by: Gary

Hi Jeannie,

Thanks for posting. Sounds like you've really been going through it. Just recovering from a cold, I know all too well what you mean by "that virusy feeling." I just wish you could take the same comfort in knowing as I do that the feeling will soon be gone, but it looks like that's not the case.

One thing I take away from your post is that you've talked to a number of different medical professionals about various aspects of your situation. But I don't see any mention of a family doctor. If you haven't talked to a family doctor about your situation, you should. I think it's best if a complicated situation like yours is managed by one individual, rather than letting everyone run you ragged, maybe giving you sound medical advice, but maybe not.

If you can afford the $10 - $12, my suggestions is to start using TheraBreath oral rinse. It's not a miracle cure, but over time, using it will greatly reduce the number of bacteria primarily responsible for creating tonsil stones. If you can afford the TheraBreath tooth gel as well, it will provide additional help.

TheraBreath products are available elsewhere on this site, but you can save yourself money on shipping by looking for them at your local pharmacies or Wal-Mart.

My foremost concern, however, is that you get the medical attention you need if you aren't already.

I hope you find this info helpful, Jeannie, and that you soon find yourself on the road to (permanent) recovery.

Hey - If anyone else out there has some advice or words of encouragement for Jeannie, please chime in!

Best regards,

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