Overcome Your Tonsil Stone Problems Through Exercise

by Evan

I'm 30 years old. I first started getting tonsil stones probably when I was about 12 or so. They've kinda come and gone over the years. I mean, they've always been there, but sometimes I'd get more than at other times. The last few months I seem to have been getting more of them, so I decided to look it up, and wow... I had no idea so many people suffered from these, and also much worse than I do.

After reading some of these stories, I'm surprised to hear how much trouble they cause people. I've always thought they were pretty disgusting, but never thought they were more than a minor inconvenience, and seemingly a source of some mild odor. I certainly noticed the extremely foul smell that they carry, but I never thought bad breath was really a big problem for me... perhaps slightly noticeable, but definitely not how some people have described on this site. I have had some large stones before, but generally I notice them being between the size of a pinhead and a pea.

When I first started getting these as a kid, they would usually get dislodged when I sneezed. I had no idea what they were and even asked a doctor about it with no results. But it just wasn't a big enough problem for me to make a big deal out of. Also, I should note that tonsil infections or frequent illnesses were not something that I ever had. I had some sore throats when I was a kid (a few pretty bad ones), but maybe 1-2 a year and a cold here and there. That's about it.

Anyway, I do occasionally still cough these up after a sneeze, but the vast majority that I experience get dislodged during
intense exercise, especially running. I've recently hacked up a few moderate sized ones (~1/4 inch) while trying to get my one-mile time down. I exercise frequently and do a variety of activities... tennis, volleyball, weightlifting, running, surfing, and sometimes other things. I've had tonsil stones get dislodged during all kinds of exercise, but it's definitely more common with more intense aerobic activities, such as running a mile at a 7-8 minute pace.

I thought I should share this with you all because perhaps it is the reason that they do not cause me so much grief. My body seems to produce a pretty steady supply of these things, but maybe I also get rid of them faster than some people, so I don't have a big stock of them hanging out in my throat. So it might be something to consider... if these are causing you trouble, and you live a relatively sedentary lifestyle, try stepping up the exercise. And I'm not talking about a casual 20 minutes on the elliptical, or a leisurely bike ride on the boardwalk. I'm talking about playing soccer, running an 8-min mile, rowing on an ergometer with a 2 minute 500m pace, or anything else that really gets your lungs going. Obviously any exercise is better than none (for a variety of reasons), and if you're currently not in great cardiovascular condition, you'll have to work up to this. But if you're considering drastic action like getting your tonsils removed, or if tonsil stones are really a big problem in your life, I think something simple like taking a good run is worth a try. I can't promise it's going to work, but it seems to dislodge tonsil stones pretty consistently for me, so perhaps your situation could improve a little. Good luck!

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Sep 05, 2018
I confirm
by: Alpha victor

I was searching about why my tonsil stones get dislodged during exercise. And I came across your article! I’m 28 years old. And yes it’s true... if you want to get rid of bad breath caused by tonsilstones, you have to try some exercise that really gets your heart to pump fast!! I was doing some sprints, and oh my god, after I finished exercising, I spit out 3 big tonsil stones! And after this, during my jog, I just kept spitting out small ones. I was so relaxed. And it happens to me so often, but only after a real work out!! So guys, it’s true that it's worth it to try some exercise if you suffer from tonsil stones.

Oct 25, 2017
Definitely a thing
by: I Was Hungry

My tonsil stones get dislodged during runs or aerobics class. High blood flow and increased respiration seem to loosen these nasty guys.
I clean my tonsils once a week using an irrigation syringe, but exercise helps clean out tonsil crypts I can't reach.

Apr 15, 2016
Whoa... I coughed up a fatty.
by: Anonymous

I started running again yesterday after being a couch potato for 5+ years. I had tonsil stones when I was younger, but never a big issue. Over the past couple years it's gotten progressively worse. All I can say is vigorous running sure seems to help. At the end of my past two runs I've coughed up some pretty huge ones. I think all the huffin and puffin shakes them loose.

Feb 27, 2016
by: Anonymous

I noticed I get them after doing intense workouts, normally wouldn't get them otherwise. I have the same eating habits and diets for months when I am not doing p90x and I don't get these. Once I do p90x(atleast the first week so far) I start getting these. I also notice that if they break free and you swallow them that you will get bad gas and extra gas through out the day because it is bad bacteria that turns into methane after the break down. I was wondering if you experienced this too and if it would not be better just to get the tonsils removed. FYI I started getting these after I got tonsillitis when I was about 30, never had the problem at all before.

Feb 02, 2016
by: Anonymous

I googled tonsil stones and running after I notice a few flying out during my runs. This is good to know! I guess I'll keep it up.

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