Loss of Personality Due to Tonsil Stones

by Amelia Arriaga

I have always been very good to my teeth. I never had a problem until one day my boyfriend looked at me and asked, "Man, what is that smell coming from your mouth?" How embarrassing... I almost cried.

I had had tiny white particles embedded in my tonsils a while back, but then they just disappeared. Well, now the tonsil stones are back and I am afraid to talk to anyone, even my son, from fear of how my breath might smell. I use to be able to dig the tonsil stones out, but now they seem to be setting in deeper. I can't talk to anyone. I have become very shy. This is killing me as I am very talkative. Intimacy has become very hard as well, but my boyfriend seems to understand. I clean the tonsil stones out, but if I eat anything, I can feel them go right back in.

I have to get a breath test from my boyfriend before I go anywhere, and it usually doesn't pass. I'm going to see an ENT... I'm tired. Maybe I will go on a juice diet... for the rest of my life.

Gary's Response: Thanks for posting, Amelia. Being from a generation where tonsils were removed after repeated Strep throats, I've never experienced tonsil stones. However, I've heard enough horror stories from my readers to be able to feel your pain.

When it comes to tonsil stones, not all ENT's are as helpful as one might suppose them to be. Don't be afraid to see a second ENT if the first one doesn't seem to be sensitive to your needs.

The fact that tonsil stones are forming suggests that among other tonsil stone components, you have a high count of anaerobic bacteria. These microbes are the chief cause of bad breath whether or not tonsil stones are involved. The best way to get these critters under control is through the use of ThereBreath Tonsil Stones and Bad Breath Solutions.

Please post back and let us know how it goes with your ENT visit. Best of luck to you, Amelia.


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