About Kiss Bad Breath Goodbye
(and Me)

If I had to guess, I'd say that you're visiting Kiss Bad Breath Goodbye to learn how to get rid of bad breath. But first things first, do you want to know the best and fastest way to find out if your breath smells bad, or just how bad it is?

Do you want the raw, unadulterated truth, no matter how much it hurts? You do? Then go ask a child.

Hello and welcome to kiss-bad-breath-goodbye.com! My name is Gary Bucher, and I'll be your host, web master, site owner, and chief cook and bottle washer during your visit.

So getting back to that whole ask-a-child concept, my daughter was just 7 years old when she started letting me know whenever I had bad breath. The girl should have taken up boxing because she sure didn't pull any punches! "ba-da-bing!"

During my teens and into my late twenties, mouth odor wasn’t an issue. I practiced what I thought was “adequate” oral hygiene, i.e., a quick brushing of the teeth every morning and an occasional brushing at night. Any bad breath during that time was situational, the result of eating onions, garlic, or other spicy foods.

My decade as a thirty-something saw an increase in situational bad breath, as well as a worsening of morning breath. But it was when I was in my mid-forties that my darling little daughter decided I needed a wake-up call.

My morning breath was most likely due to a combination of prescription medicine and those wonderful chemical changes which occur with aging. Having to use a CPAP machine for Sleep Apnea, which can really dry out your mouth and sinuses, didn't help either.

Whatever the reason, when I heard those words, "Daddy, your breath smells bad," I was floored. I’d been around some people whose breath was so bad that I just couldn't get away from them fast enough. It never occurred to me that one day I might be one of them.

Once I realized that I needed to do something, I began searching desperately, not just for answers, but for solutions.

The Kiss Bad Breath Goodbye web site is all about the results of that search. I found what works for me, and it's my sincere hope that within the pages of this site, you'll find what works for you.

By the way, in the process of finding answers to my questions about bad breath, I acquired quite a bit of knowledge on the subject. With the help of a fascinating software product called Solo Build It!, I was able to create Kiss Bad Breath Goodbye and turn that knowledge into a successful, profitable online business.

Thanks again for visiting. I hope you find what you're looking for. If you have any questions at all please feel free to submit them to our forums, or send them directly to me via the contact page.

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