The Miracle of Kalium Phosphate

Kalium Phosphate (Potassium Phosphate), often abbreviated as Kali. Phos., is one of twelve essential salts that can be found in all body fluids. Since these salts are present in all fluids, they can be found in each and every one of the cells which compose the human body.

The presence in the cells of the twelve salts was first recognized in the nineteenth century by Dr. W. H. Schussler. Kali. Phos. has a broad range of potential applications. Due to its antiseptic property, it's capable of fighting germs. It can even prevent the decay of body tissue. This is significant as it relates to the treatment of bad breath. Why? Damaged or diseased oral tissue can result in bad breath. Kali. Phos. is recognized as a preventative for more than just bad breath. It also prevents unusually bad-smelling gas and stools.

Another of this salt's talents is its ability to function as a nerve tonic and natural tranquilizer. Among the nerve conditions for which Kali. Phos. has been known to provide relief are poor memory, asthma, anxiety, insomnia, headaches, general nervousness, and stress. It can also be useful in treating physical manifestations of nervous conditions such as the feeling that the skin is "crawling" and nervous itching.

A deficiency of this important natural salt is indicated by a blue-gray undertone starting around the mouth and chin, or a generally grayish complexion. Symptoms associated with Kali. Phos. deficiency include a lack of concentration, hyperactivity in children, memory loss, insomnia, any offensive body odor, mental or physical exhaustion and nervous conditions.

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