My Natural Solution for Tonsil Stones & Bad Breath

by Vaiden
(Quebec, Canada)

Here are a few tips and tricks I learned through school (still not done). I'm not sure if you covered this on your site, but if it can help people, why not!

I had a horrible throat infection that almost killed me (Strep, still no clue where I got it, and it was the first time I had it - also last until now, thank God). As a result, my tonsils kind of "expanded" and I find myself with tonsil stones. They're never bigger than a few mm (3mm max). It's hard to get them out since my tonsils got "deeper". They're difficult to get rid of.

Anyway, I found a natural solution, which I use for everything (cuts, sinus infections, mouth wash...) and it not only stops bad breath, but it eliminates tonsil stones as well. It's a saline solution you make yourself.

Mouth washes are fine, but most are very aggressive and kill both good and bad bacteria in your mouth. The beneficial bacteria keep the "environment" of the mouth stable and also can help prevent bad breath and fight bad bacterias. Using mouth wash once or twice a day is fine, but more than that can be irritating to the oral tissues. Mouth washes are beneficial before bed and when you wake up.

To make my saline solution, I buy a big bag of iodine-free sea salt (NOT table salt). Mix half a teaspoon to 8oz of hot water. Let it cool until it's luke warm. If you can taste the salt in it, it's too strong. Add a bit more water until you can't taste the salt anymore. DO NOT drink it or else you will get sick. I have it in a water bottle everywhere I go, it's subtle. Chew some mint flavored gum after for a fresh feeling.

After each meal outside the home, I rinse my mouth with it for 4 minutes. When I'm at home, I also use it, but I combine it with flossing; I floss then rinse with the saline solution.

When I wake up I floss, brush, and rinse with the solution and then with mouthwash... same routine before bed. Between meals, I floss and sea salt rinse.

It's also good for Canker sores/Sinus infections as it doesn't destroy white blood cells and beneficial bacterias.

*Once again, DO NOT drink it.
**It's better when the sea salt solution is lukewarm although that's hard to achieve outside of your home.

Sorry for my English, I know it's decent but all my main and "professional" terminology is in French.

One last thing, poking at your tonsils, especially if you have problems with tonsil stones, can be very bad. It's very sensitive tissue in a vital area surrounded with blood vessels. Even if there's only a micro-scratch, bacteria may find its way in and cause an infection. Especially after killing off the protective bacteria located in your mouth and saliva with mouthwash - good organisms are usually easier to kill then the bad ones - the damp, warm and food filled tonsils are a perfect home for the "evil" micro-organisms to fester and party. The saliva no longer has the proper defense system to kill them off. Your mouth basically loses its defense system again bacterias, parasites and unwanted micro-intruders and makes it more prone to tonsil stones, bad breath, ect. The balance of your oral "ecosystem" is very important.

(By infection I mean, abscessing, pus, swelling, etc... Which can be fatal or the very least worst than the tonsil stones themselves). So make sure everything is sanitary (gloves, clean surface, sterile tools; Q-tips...) and give special care to your mouth after poking at it!

Gary's Response: Vaiden - Thanks for these great tips. The note of caution about poking the tonsils is especially appreciated. I haven't emphasized that enough on this site.

BTW, I think your English is pretty darn good.

Thanks again for writing.

Best regards,

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Another effective way to clean out your tonsils...

by DianaD
(Santa Rosa, CA, USA)

I have had a problem for years after getting Mono as an adult. It seemed my tonsils enlarged and I started getting tonsil stones? So after using the cotton swab method, which was painful and hard to recover from, I got a bright idea. I remembered this syringe that I received from the surgeon that removed my wisdom teeth. It was a typical plastic syringe with a small curved tip for flushing out food etc. after having the teeth pulled. So I asked my dentist if he had heard of them and sure enough the hygienist knew exactly what I was talking about. Now, every time I get my teeth cleaned, she gives me a new one. It is a great way to be proactive because you can insert the tip of the syringe deep into the crevice and flush out the debris. If you do it on a regular basis you don't get the stone build up! Try it!!!

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Tonsil Stone Removal Tools

by Mark Martin
(Eufaula, Alabama)

My niece removing tonsil stones with tools I developed

My niece removing tonsil stones with tools I developed

I have suffered from tonsil stones for more than 30 years. During that time, I have created my own tools for removing tonsil stones. (I am an inventor at heart.) These tools are available in a kit which I'm currently offering for sale on ebay. To find the kit on ebay, type 'tonsil stone tools' in the ebay search box.

Friends, family and others who have purchased the kit tell me what a wonderful product this is.

Any help or positive responses from buying and using the tools would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to leave your response as a comment to this post.

Thank you,

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Tonsil Stone Removal

I've been getting tonsil stones for some time, noticeably since high school. They are increasingly becoming worse and for some reason got much worse while I was pregnant.

To get rid of these nasty stones, I used to use q-tips with peroxide and dig them out, but it seemed like this just made the hole bigger/deeper. Now I still use peroxide (diluted with water), but I use the edge of a Reach brand flosser to get them out... It's the size of a toothbrush with a long handle and a disposable floss head that pops out to replace. This seems to work better and not open the pockets as much.

I'm also going to start gargling with salt and baking soda mixed with warm water and see if that doesn't help. I'm tired of dealing with this and the bad breath that comes along with it! I may go see an ENT doctor.

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My Tonsil Stones; A Decade of Discomfort

by Rob Kenyon

Ever since I was a child, I have always had huge tonsils. Every dentist or orthodontist I saw would always make some remark about how big they were. They were a little troublesome growing up. I had yearly sore throats and earaches that were unbearable. Then all that stopped and something else started. The stones moved in.

At first I thought that my tonsils had gotten bigger and were swallowing my food where it would ferment and make that awful concentrated bad breath smell. Turns out I was partially correct in my assumption. I would almost always feel as if I had something stuck in my throat (like a popcorn shell) I would poke at my tonsils with my fingers until I gagged and try to dislodge the stones from the holes in tonsils or (crypts). I'd rinse and gargle them to death practically drowning in the process. All this would do was to irritate my tonsils more. They would get inflamed and swollen and make my throat feel worse. But what else could I do? I didn't even know what they were!

It wasn't until I had my wisdom teeth taken out that I found an answer. I asked the surgeon about those little pebbles that lodge in your tonsils. He told me they were called tonsilloliths! After painstakingly prying the remaining three wisdom teeth from my reluctant jaw, he handed me the answer to my smelly, irritating problem. It was a syringe. A small plastic syringe with a curved plastic tip. He told me to flush after every meal, in the morning, and at night before bed. Who would thought the answer would be that simple. Well it works!! Those little pebbles come gushing out faster that you can say tonsillectomy. Instantly relieving the pressure and discomfort in the back of your throat and enabling you to direct your focus on more important things in life.

So for everyone suffering from tonsil stones do yourself a huge favor and find yourself a syringe with a plastic tip or a Waterpik. They won't keep them from coming back but they'll produce instant results. I gotta say watching those stones flush out of your throat and into the sink is sooo satisfying. No more bad tasting swigs of water, no more bad breath, or bad tasting food. It worked for me!!!

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I Got Rid of My Tonsil Stones!!!

by Mivo Hashem

I suffered a lot with tonsil stones... Two fiances broke up with me because of the foul smell that the tonsil stones created in my mouth, and I didn't even know what was wrong with me!!! But I used the sinus nasal solution and another Indian therapy... All you have to do is to make a big glass of warm tea and add half a lemon to it. Keep on gargling until you finish the glass. Repeat this process everyday and you will thank me.

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Tonsil stones in residual tonsillar tissue - water pik solution

by JP
(Napa, CA)

I am a sixty year old female who had my tonsils removed when I was 18. A small amount of tissue remained which was no problem until a couple of years ago. Small pockets starting forming in the residual tonsillar tissue where these "tonsils stones" formed. I first used the end of a dental mirror to push out the debris. I went to see an ENT surgeon who did not recommend surgery. The situation had caused an infection in my throat, as well as an ear ache and pain down my throat. The suggestion from the doctor was water irrigation with 50/50 hydrogen peroxide and water. This cleared up the infection, but I have to continue to rinse these pockets out 1-2 times a week to keep from getting chunks of debris forming (the "tonsil stones"). I use a low setting of 2 out of 10 on my water pik to rinse the pockets. I also use a small magnalite flashlight and magnifying mirror to see what I'm doing. I hate the idea of doing this the rest of my life and plan to see another surgeon.

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Finally... A Tonsil Stones Solution That Works (Sort Of)

Tonsil Stones SUCK! I can't stand them and haven't been able to find a long term solution. However, I have been able to remove these disgusting things with a turkey baster. I use it like a suction device, and it seems to suck them right out of their crypts. I most likely will have surgery to remove these darn things, but for now it's the turkey baster every week.

Good Luck!

Gary's Response: Congratulations on finding an interim solution to your tonsil stones problem, and thanks for sharing it with us. Please post back if you decide to have surgery and let us know how it goes.

Best regards,

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How To Remove Tonsil Stones

by jessie

Well, I have tonsil stones, and the best way to get them out, and the cheapest way, is to use a Q-Tip. It works great! It hurts a little, but if you have tonsil stones, it's nothing compared to how that feels, and removing them makes the pressure in your tonsils go away.

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