Help for chronic bad breath?

by K

I have bad breath almost all the time, apart from after a brief period when I brush my teeth.

I brush my teeth twice a day (tried it three times though and nothing changed), I use non-alcoholic mouthwash and scrape my tongue twice a day with an OraBrush. My toothpaste does not contain sodium lauryl sulphate.

I have small tonsil stones in the pockets of my tonsils. I'm thinking this is probably the cause but I can't get them all out by poking. Plus I'm worried I'll damage my tonsils because the last few times, they bled while I was getting them out.
So does anyone have any solutions to getting rid of tonsil stones without having to dig them out? If you are going to recommend TheraBreath, do they ship to the UK/are they available in UK stores? Please don't recommend anything you can only get in the US.

I'm getting desperate so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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