Going to loose it!

Hi... I am about to lose my freaking mind... Since Aug 22nd, it has felt like I have had something stuck in my throat. It's about to drive me insane... I think it must have gotten bigger, because I barely noticed at first. I have poked, prodded, used a neti pot to wash sinuses, squirted water down my nose through my sinuses, I guess... It's 4:40 am now, and I can't sleep because it's driving me nuts and tomorrow is Sunday, so no docs will be open... PLEASE TELL ME WHAT TO DO! No matter how much I clear my throat or force myself to sneeze (have been smelling pepper hoping to dislodge with a sneeze).. HELP! My email is iamnotperfection@yahoo.com. Please tell me what to do!

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Mar 31, 2009
Thanks for the Helpful Post!
by: Gary

Thanks, Shell! Your post makes an excellent point regarding Q-tips and hydro devices. Whatever you use, you want to make sure it's not pushing the tonsil stone back down into the crypt.

I'm intrigued by the tool you described in your post. I wonder if something like it could be devised that would grip the stone without hurting the tonsil, maybe something involving suction.

Thanks again for sharing your success story with us.

Best regards,

Mar 31, 2009
what i do
by: Shell

I milk the tonsil with the smooth rounded end of my toothbrush (handle) and slide it accross my tonsil in different directions until I see the stone come into view. I then have a tool my husband gave me it's made of plastic and is the length of a pencil and has a hollow oval end and I press that against the opening of the crypt (hole in tonsil) and work it out. I had to do it again tonight and it seems the more I milked it the bigger they were. I look into a lighted magnifying mirror to see it more clearly. I've found that using a q-tip or squirter often pushes it deeper into the tonsil.

Good Luck!! Let me know if this works for you. I'd hate to see you fork over a bunch of money to see a doctor.

Sep 22, 2008
My Apologies!!
by: Gary

I am so sorry I did not read your post this weekend, but even if I had, I'm not sure I would have known how to help. It sounds like the only thing you haven't tried is something like a hydrofloss.

Now that it's Monday, however, and given how badly this particular tonsil stone is bothering you, it's time to get your self to an ENT specialist or even your family doctor or dentist.

In the meanwhile, keep at it with cotton swabs. If you haven't already, try using two of them so that you can squeeze it rather than just poke at it.

I hope you're able to get it out today and get some relief.

Best wishes,

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