Garlic-Onion Bad Breath GONE!!

by Joan
(New York)

My only comment is that Breath Assure WORKED!! I'd eat garlic and onions with abandon and take 3 or 4 Breath Assure capsules afterward. The fact that they did their job was proven to me when I burped. Prior to taking the capsules my burps produced enough bad breath to make your eyes water, garlic and onions. After the capsules, no offensive odor or taste. One can tell this in their own mouths. I miss them desperately, and so do my friends.

I guess I'll shop for Mint Assure if you assure me they are the same.

Joan Saunders
joans3 @ (no spaces)

ps: My dental habits are not a problem. I see my dentist twice a year.

Gary's Response: Hi Joan - Thanks for posting. I can understand how Breath Assure would have been effective against situational bad breath, such as you described. In my opinion, where the company ran into problems was in claiming effectiveness against all forms of bad breath. The science just doesn't support their claims. But yeah, if you've just gulped down a loaded pizza, Breath Assure would probably have been the way to go.

As for Mint Assure, I can only pass along what I've read. According to the literature, it's the Breath Assure formula with the addition of a minty coat. I'm sure it's not very expensive... Probably worth a try. When you try it, please post a comment on your page to let us know how well this formulation works against situational bad breath.

Thanks again,

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Breath Assure Worked For Me

by Duane
(Houston, TX)

Not really a story, but I don't care what a stupid court says. It is a shame that somebody can't even put something on the market before other manufacturers start whining about it and legally force someone into bankruptcy. That should be illegal.

Breath Assure was a very fine product that neutralized your breath. Bad breath comes from sinuses. When you get the parsley and seed oil in your stomach, it gets into your blood system and works on your sinuses, stomach and inside your mouth.

I used the tablet for the root of the problem but still chewed spearmint gum because it was very refreshing. The two combined gave me confidence my breath didn't smell like sulfur.

What a shame these gum manufactures succeeded in a lynching!! We have too many pinheads as judges.

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Breath Assure Saved My Dating Life From Stomach Bad Breath!

by Gene
(Cinnaminson, NJ)

For several years when I was in my thirties, I was getting very depressed because I could literally never get a second date. Finally, a friend told me my breath was chronically so bad that she could smell it from across the room. I finally realized that this was stomach breath made worse because of a hiatal hernia, where the esophageal valve doesn't close properly, allowing odor from the stomach to go out the mouth.

Somehow, linseed oil, the main ingredient in Breath and Mint Assure neutralizes the odor. Too bad they went overboard in their ads and didn't promote their real importance (they also had bad lawyers).

I'm panicking now, because Mint Assure has suddenly disappeared from store shelves. What's going on?

Gary's Reply: I'm not aware of any problems with the product this time around, Gene. If you can't find it in any of your local big-box retailers or pharmacy chains, you can always order it from and get back to enjoying those second dates (and beyond).

Best regards,

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