Bad breath since a teenager.

by Thomas
(North London UK)

As far as I'm aware, I've had bad breath since my late teens (I'm 48 now), but it feels as if it's worse at this present time as I've a constant irritating taste right at the back of my tongue. I've tried absolutely everything. My teeth are in extremely good order for my age with just 2 fillings as I'm constantly cleaning my teeth up to 3-4 times a day, including flossing and tongue-scraping every day, too.

There was a period in my early twenties when I took a visit to my dentist as the front bottom part of my gums could actually be pulled away cleanly from my teeth. The dentist prescribed me some anti-biotics to heal the issue. In just 2 days, I noticed that my breath was also fresh and odourless, or at least it seemed that way. So, as a test, I plucked up the courage to have a face to face conversation with several people without putting my hand over my mouth or talking "sideways" as I usually would do. The evidence was clear. There were no comments from any of them about foul-smelling breath. Nor were there any reactions such as stepping back or even making faces the way people would normally react to my bad breath.

My gums, of course, healed ok in just a week, so instead of taking 2 tablets a day as instructed, I began taking just half every morning to give me odourless breath for 24 hours. When the course of tablets finished, I asked the Dentist who prescribed them to me to issue me with more. He was reluctant due to my gums being healed, but I persuaded him just in case the gum problem arose again. He prescribed me enough for just a week again, but as long as I took just half, they would last me 4 weeks which they did. This was the only time in my life that I could be myself and speak to people close up and face-to-face, full of confidence. I'd do anything to find out the name of the medication and whether they're available over the counter. I had no side-effects taking these tablets but gained confidence and a fresh-smelling mouth.

Since then, however, I've been masking my bad breath every single day, but of course it doesn't last 24/7. When I need to speak to people, it's always at a distance and not in direct face-to-face communication. I know I've severe bad breath, I can taste it constantly, if that makes sense, and my son has pointed it out to me numerous times. I push my wife away on a regular basis just so she doesn't have to get a whiff of my breath. I'm surprised she's still with me.

I could go on forever. The truth is that the problem is constantly on my mind and has ruined my self-esteem as well as my social life. Deep down, I'm depressed. I just want to be myself, and I want my bad breath to go for good. I want to kiss my wife like I want to. I know I'm not alone, but I really need help.

Gary's Reply: I feel your pain, Thomas. I really do. I was just a couple years younger than you are now when I first experienced an odd taste in the back of my throat. My doctor couldn't say whether or not there was a direct relation at the time, but he did determine that I was pre-diabetic, and as any diabetic will tell you, Diabetes can play havoc with your breath. So, is there any chance you're diabetic? Have you ever been tested? If you're constantly thirsty, it's a distinct possibility. And note that Diabetes doesn't have to run in your family in order for you to have it.

Please post your response in a comment, and we'll go from there.

Best regards,

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Feb 06, 2011
Hi thomas
by: Anonymous

Hi thomas, can u plz inform me if anything works for u, becayse am suffering from the same issue and tried so many things that failed.

desperate ,

Dec 11, 2010
Using California Breath To Treat Bad Breath
by: Gary

Happy to have been of assistance, Thomas. I think you'll like the results you get from the TheraBreath (California Breath) products. Make sure you follow the instructions exactly, including using the tongue scraper to apply some tooth gel to your tongue. I'm not familiar with the packaging for the California Breath version, so if for some reason, you don't find any such instructions, let me know and I will post them for you.

I'm looking forward to hearing about your excellent results, especially the part where your wife can't stay away from you. ;-)

Best wishes,

Dec 11, 2010
Bad breath since a teenager
by: Thomas

Hi Gary

Big thanks for your in depth reply!

What you said about the anti-biotics makes sense so i'll steer clear of that option.

I'll certainly give "California Breath" a go & order asap & post the verdict back here soon.

Cheers Thomas

Dec 09, 2010
Re: Bad breath since a teenager
by: Gary


I'm sorry (not to hear you're Diabetes-free, of course), but I'm not familiar with the antibiotic you were prescribed. And while I would be interested in knowing whether or not it worked for you a third time, I've some concerns about you taking that particular pill, or any other antibiotic, long term. While antibiotics can do a lot of good in the short term, their efficacy trends toward failure over time.

In my strictly non-medical opinion, were you to develop the same or similar gum disease and need to take that antibiotic, it most likely would not work as well for you, or perhaps not at all. If the antibiotic was more general in nature, you could be teaching your body how to "defend" itself against the antibiotic, thereby preventing it from doing its job. Were you then to need that antibiotic for something more serious that your gum situation, you could find yourself in quite a bit of trouble.

Since there's a good chance that your problem, odd taste and all, is being caused by an overabundance of anaerobic bacteria, I suggest you try TheraBreath Tooth Gel and Oral Rinse. These products do a great job of getting extra oxygen down into the fibers of your tongue and other places where these bacteria hide, and they cannot thrive in an oxygen-rich environment.

Now, I offer TheraBreath products for sale on this web site. However, rather than have you pay all that shipping, I did a little research and discovered that there are several UK distributors whose shipping should be much more reasonable. After reviewing their web sites, I think that is the one you'll want to visit. [Note that in the UK, TheraBreath products are marketed under the brand name, California Breath.]

Here in the USA, these products are available at several of the big-box retailers such as WalMart. You might want to check Asda, which I believe is WalMart's UK subsidiary.

Let me know what you decide or if you have additional questions.


Dec 09, 2010
Re: Bad breath since a teenager
by: Thomas

Thanks for your reply Gary, but the answer is yes and no. Yes, I've been tested for diabetes and No, I'm not. I'll of course be more than happy to read any more suggestions, but do you have any indication of the name of the antibiotic pills that I mentioned in my original post?


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