Bad Breath Remedy - I need help for my bad breath...

by Gilberto
(Luanda, Angola)

Hi guys,

I've been suffering with bad breath since 2012. Now, we´re in 2015, and the problem still persists. I need help. I have read about and tried many things, but the results were not as I expected.

Also I have a home remedy anyone can try. It's cheap, and you have nothing to lose. For me, is not resulting, but I´ll continue use it. Who knows what results you might get.

Home remedy: Mel and canela, one soup spoon with mel and a coffee spoon with canela. Join in a tea, stir until it becomes creamy, then take it. Do it twice a day, once in the morning after brushing your teeth and again before sleep, also after brushing your teeth.

Note: The results take time. I don´t know exactly how long, but I think that in two to three weeks, you should notice a difference.

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Jan 26, 2015
Hiatal hernia
by: Gene

Gilberto: I had bad breath (even your friends won't tell you), which ruined my love life. I also had frequent severe heartburn. Finally I was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia (diaphragm muscle squeezing esophageal valve). Dr told me not to eat later than 4 hours before bedtime and to tilt the head of my bed up 4 inches. For the bad breath I found that "Mint Asure" was a miracle (1 or 2 before going on a date). It can only be ordered online. Good luck!

Jan 26, 2015
Bad Breath Remedy - I need help for my bad breath...
by: Gilberto

Hi Gene, thank you for your comment. I´ll visit the gastroenterologist to know what´s happen with my stomach and esophagus valve.I´ll keep you up to date. Question: Why did you go directly to this point?
I´m asking that because, I use to eat late and in a few minutes go to bed. I´m not doing well the digestion, I´ll make a effort to improve it.
Thanks for the good luck, because I really need.



Jan 23, 2015
Gilberto from Angola
by: Gene

Gilberto: We can't help you if you don't list the things you have tried.
Also, if mel (honey) and canela (cinnamon) have not helped you, why are you still taking them? if something takes more than a day to work, then it's just not doing anything. Recent science has shown that too much cinnamon is bad for the liver. The government of Denmark recommends no more than 1 mg per kg of body weight per day.
Question: Do you have heartburn (indigestion) frequently? That is a sign that your esophageal valve is not closing properly, allowing stomach acid-gas to come up your throat (which smells bad).
Good luck!

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