Bad Breath From The Nose

My issue is bad breath. The unique problem I face is that the odor is emitted even when I am simply exhaling through my nose. When I was younger, though I knew I had this problem, I never realized that the odor was emanating from my nose as well as from my mouth. None of us had ever heard of anybody having such a problem - Not even in TV ads!. I used to think that my bad breath could only be detected (the same as with everyone else) while talking, i.e through the mouth.

Eventually I realized that even when I wasn't speaking, and was simply breathing through my nose, people around me told me (sometimes in very insulting ways, and I don't blame them) about the problem.

With the passing of time, it's begun to have a psychological effect. Whenever anybody is within 10 feet of me, I begin to think about my problem and start holding my breath for long periods of time. This results in terrible stress, and consequently awful dragon breath.

After seeing countless ENTs/Dentists, I have come to the conclusion that I may be a 1-in-a-million (or maybe the first ever!!) sufferer of this problem.

Yet for your info : I brush twice a day (some days even thrice) and regularly floss my teeth, etc. Also want to inform you that I have post nasal drip. I underwent an endoscopy & CT scan (PNS-HRCT: plain axial and coronal CT of the paranasal sinuses). Endoscopy was normal. However, the CT scan report (which the ENT said was normal) mentioned (polypoidal) mucosal thickening in the sinuses etc. What do you suggest?

Thank you very much. I will be very grateful.

Gary's Response: I can only begin to imagine how frustrating this must be for
you, and while I may be able to help you, I need to let you know right up front that I am not a medical professional. The advice I provide here is based on my own experience as well as what I've seen work for others.

Your problem with bad breath, whether in the mouth or nose, is due to an overabundance of Anaerobic-bacteria and their favorite food, Protein. Your post-nasal drip with the mucosal thickening in the sinuses provides high levels of protein in the mouth and nose on which the bacteria feed. For more details on this condition, please see this article by Dr. Harold Katz, DDS, entitled Post Nasal Drip Treatment, Remedies and Symptoms.

First of all, let me assure you that you do not have the 1-in-a-million untreatable condition you think you might have. My suggestion is that you use the TheraBreath products formulated by Dr. Katz. Specifically, you should use the basic toothpaste and oral rinse as well as the sinus drops. You may also want to add some TheraBreath gum or mints to the mix for maintenance throughout the day. These products are available through the article referenced above or by clicking here. Considering what these products can do, they are very affordable, and they are fully guaranteed.

The next step may or may not be needed, depending on to what degree the TheraBreath toothpaste, oral rinse, and sinus drops alleviate your problem with bad breath. This would involve resorting to sinus irrigation. A good sinus irrigator, such as the Hydropulse Nasal-Sinus Irrigator is a little more expensive, but still under $100, and it comes with the same guarantee.

Before you make any decisions, please read through the material available on this site and let me know if you have any questions.


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Oct 22, 2018
I have it too NEW
by: Anonymous

Hey it’s been about 8 years since you wrote how are things today? I unfortunately suffer from this as well

Sep 23, 2017
bad smell NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi I actually have the same problem, so I was wondering if you find any cure yet.

Feb 07, 2010
Bad Breath Still A Problem
by: Gary


I'm truly sorry to hear that the TheraBreath products have not worked for you. If you still have them, you might want to use them until they're gone. It's possible that in your situation, 15 days wasn't long enough to get the bad breath under control.

My only other suggestions would be to check with a different ENT or to find out if there's a breath clinic within traveling distance of where you live.

Sorry I'm unable to be of more assistance. I hope that you're able to find a solution that works for you.

Best regards,

Feb 05, 2010
Have Already Used TheraBreath For Bad Breath
by: Arvind


I have already used TheraBreath (nasal spray & toothpaste for 15 days, and also the Probiotic). I have also read all the research work done by Dr. Katz: which is a genuine positive step in solving these kind of problems. However, I did not find relief.

Thanks anyway.

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