Bad Breath Due to Tonsil Stones

by Life

I've been having all sorts of oral problems. I get dry lips, blisters in my mouth, on my cheeks and lips, bad or bitter taste in my mouth, and crazy bad breath that would be there, even after I brushed my teeth.

I bought all sorts of mouth wash and tooth paste, but nothing helped. Every morning when I wake up, I feel tightness in my chest, like I'm very tired. I wake up with bad breath that fills the room. I had developed a dry cough that tingles in my chest with no clue.

I got so worried and depressed. I thought I had contracted HIV, because most of the symptoms I was getting pointed to HIV when I read from the Net. I did many HIV tests, but the results were negative. I could not believe the doctors, and since I had been involved in risky sexual activity with girls, I made up my mind that I had HIV.

I talked to a doctor on the net, and he advised me that it could be acid reflux and indigestion. I kind of got relief as this did not sound serious like HIV.

One day, just a week ago, some white soft stuff came to my mouth. It tasted horrible, just like the taste I had been getting in my mouth. The smell is worse.

I did not know about it. I was reluctant.... But then it occured again, and I realised that it smelled and tasted just like my mouth. I started examining my mouth, deep in my throat, around my tonsil. I saw a white area around my tonsil, a small hole. I pressed with my finger and more of those filthy things came out. The smell of the room changed, very disgusting!

I thought nobody would know about it. I decided to check on the Net, but honestly did not know what to use as a keyword on Google so as to get the correct result. Amazingly, I got a lot of info, just like I wrote it. I discovered the name. I also discovered that this is common among people, but people take it individually and never talk about it. It's called a tonsillolith!

I also read that it can cause chronic bad breath. I became more interested. I left the Internet, went to my bathroom and removed all of them. I cleaned my mouth and brushed... and just that day, I had a big change. No bitter taste, just fresh breath.

I went to bed, and in the morning, I was feeling very normal, even though tightness in my chest every morning had been a routine I never missed. It's been two days now. I must say I am normal, healthy and my mouth is getting fresh and fresh. It can not be this much better!

My cough is GONE! Tiredness GONE! Bad Breath GONE! Rush in my mouth GONE! I've a normal tasting saliva now. I've been suffering from this this thing for about 9 months... and all I thought was HIV.

Just yesterday I called my girlfriend to complain to her, and somehow let her know I no longer have bad breath. I did not tell her directly, but I asked her why she did not tell me I had bad breath. Not only did she not tell me I had bad breath, but she kissed me with no trouble. But for sure, she noticed it... I feel so guilty. I am in another country, and I've no chance so that my girlfriend notice this change, but I made her aware that I realised the problem and it's now fixed. I'm sure she is happy.

I also talked to my flying instructor, and apologized. He told me he did not notice my bad breath, but I know he was just being polite. I am a pilot. Now I feel relaxed... great!

Please check your mouth always... Check for tonsilloliths or tonsils stones!!

Best of luck, and I wish you all GOOD BREATH, and a happy entry into the new year!

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Jan 19, 2008
Wow! You Must be Relieved...
by: Gary

Hi, "Life"! First, let me apologize for taking so long to approve your post. I haven't worked on the site for a while, but I'm back.

You must have felt incredibly relieved when you finally had proof that the problem was not HIV! As I'm sure you discovered while doing your research on the Web, you were not alone in thinking that something was horribly wrong.

In the year and a half I've been running, I've seen posts on the Web from people who didn't know they had tonsil stones. Some of them thought they had cancer and were going to die. Others believed that those smelly white lumps were some kind of new and dangerous disease.

The one thing they all had in common, however, is that they were scared. I guess this is what you were feeling, too.

I'm glad that you were able to figure out what the problem was and resolve it. I guess you have your "Life" back (minor pun intended).

Best regards,
Gary Bucher

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