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The Bad Breath Bible exposes the TRUTH about bad breath and halitosis. Its author is a doctor who has spent over 10 years on medical/dental research...

You're about to learn how you can have clean, fresh breath every day for the rest of your life.

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About The Author

The author of this revealing work, Dr. Harold Katz, received his dental degree from UCLA in 1978 and has been researching bad breath, halitosis, and taste disorders ever since.

His own daughter first came to him for help when she was 13 - at the time, Dr. Katz had no idea as to what he should tell her. None of his extensive schooling, nor his degrees provided ANY information about the real causes (and more importantly the real cures) of bad breath.

So he put his Beverly Hills dental practice on hiatus and went to work researching the causes, symptoms, and CURES of bad breath.

His results have been amazing... For example, did you know:

  • Commercial toothpaste and mouthwash manufacturers have been lying to you?
  • Tongue Scraping alone accomplishes nothing?
  • The Bad Breath Bugs actually live UNDER the surface of your tongue?
  • The only thing that really kills bad breath is Oxygen (OXYD-8)?
  • Plus much more…

About The Book

Dr. Katz has condensed the results of his research into a downloadable eBook, and it contains EVERYTHING he learned during his 10+ years of research. The TRUE causes of bad breath….. the symptoms that will let you know before anyone else does… how you can STOP bad breath at the root of the problem.

Among the numerous topics covered in this amazing resource, you'll find:

  • 12 conditions that trigger bad breath and halitosis
  • Where bad breath really comes from
  • Why dry mouth is a leading cause of bad breath
  • The relationship between bad breath and postnasal drip
  • How onions and garlic aren't the only foods that can cause halitosis
  • 2 scientifically proven ways to check if your breath is offensive
  • 6 quick home tests you can use to determine if you have bad breath
  • What kind of treatments are out there and which ones really work
  • A detailed list of medications that may cause bad breath
  • Why you should hydrofloss
  • And more...

The Bad Breath Bible is jam-packed with 47 pages of tips and solutions intended to help you overcome any and all breath problems. All this and more is contained in this FREE eBook. I encourage you to read the Bad Breath Bible and discover the truth for yourself.

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