A Candida Yeast Infection Caused My Tonsil Stones And Bad Breath!

by Ms Williams
(NSW Australia)

I am a 33-year-old, Caucasian, non-smoker, female.

When I was 2, I had glandular fever, and have had Bronchiolitis, Tonsillitis, Sinusitis and recurrent respiratory infections ever since -- including coughing up the evil poison or toxic sacs, as I had called them - tonsil stones - as I just now found out what the hell they really are. (But they are still evil and toxic all the same to me!)

Soooo, I've been to naturopaths, herbalists, a range of General Practitioners, some, several times over several years, plus just last month an ENT that I traveled 2 hours to get to, spent $225.00 in his office for 12 minutes only to be told


Other medical opinions of my condition have been....

"She’s only young, she'll grow out of it"

"Are you sure you are really having those symptoms? (que raised eyebrows and skeptical voice)

"You’ve been under a lot of stress, take it easy!"

"There’s no real reason why that would happen, here’s a prescription for antibiotics-again."

I just wanted to say to other people who will understand me how happy I am to put a name to this condition, and now at last, I understand the problem a bit more.

When I was a kid, my mum would talk to me about making sure I brushed my teeth properly because my breath was awful. I would brush twice at night, then in the morning and she never believed me unless she saw me at the sink.

I became a fan of mint gum, and chew it all the time.

If I cough a stone up while in company, I panic, especially if my boyfriend is around. It is truly a gross thing and the smell is beyond belief!!!!!!!

After many years of ill health, recurring problems such as tonsil stones, bad breath, excess green phlegm daily, cystitis (UTI) vaginal thrush, depression and sugar cravings, I was out of my mind. So I looked around until I finally found an answer. My hope is that it might work for others, too. So I want to share it in case someone finds it helpful.

I have discovered I have a Candida yeast infection. How? SUPER EASY and FREE...do a saliva test at home asap.

Here is a link to just one of many sites that show how:


It’s gross. Basically, you spit your saliva into a glass of water in the morning before you eat, drink, or brush your teeth. You’ll see the results instantly.

FYI --- Your SALIVA should FLOAT!

However, mine looked like a box jellyfish - long tentacles and all. The weight of the yeast pulls it down, making it stringy and heavy.

Candida overgrowth can be caused by high-carb, high-sugar diet, oral contraceptives, using antibiotics regularly or drinking alcohol excessively. Mine was a combo of antibiotics, the Pill and a high-carb, high-sugar diet.

Now it all makes sense.

Please look it up as there is a heap of info on it out there, and treatments are varied in forms of products, pills and potions.

I chose a mail order probiotic myself, and I know it’s working already even though I have only been on it a week. I feel better, there’s less phlegm in my throat, my tummy’s less bloated, I’m more energetic and have a few "die off" (when the dead yeast fungus starts to leave your body) symptoms that I am managing - like some yucky trips to the toilet, but my breath is getting nicer by the day.
This week I have had only one small tonsil stone. Normally, I get one to several every day or so.

This is working for me, and I hope it works for you, too.

Best of luck to you, wishing you good health and sweet breath!

Gary's Response: Ms. Williams - Thanks so much for sharing your story. I was unaware of this potential cause of tonsil stones and bad breath. I'm glad you were finally able to find some answers and a solution to your problem.

If anyone else has had an experience similar to that of Ms. Williams, please share your story here. Thanks!

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Jan 13, 2015
update NEW
by: ms williams

HI all and thanks for your comments and I am so happy to hear some people out there are feeling better and getting results reducing tonsil stones, bad breath and other awful symptoms.
I am still using a pro biotic, and feeling much better! But if i do fall off the wagon and indulge in high sugar high carb foods and throw in some anti biotics, OMG here come the tonsil stones, stringy and claggy saliva in the morning, UTIs, thrush and feeling down. So after the years I have been testing my theory, I can promise you probiotics make all the difference. I use one with a special yeast killer in it called serrapeptase which dissolves the candida shell and then it can be wiped out and eliminated from the body. Its the more expensive pro biotic but so worth it.
I rarely get tonsil stones now, maybe 2 in the last 6 months, which is so good. Other stuff I use to help is a saline flush for the nose like a neti pot, a saline gargle if I can feel a stone back there, and I did buy a pressure water dental flosser, but felt like I was kind of drowning using it.
Anyway, best of health and luck to you all, hope you are on your way to happiness and nice kissable breath : )

Jan 12, 2015
Silver mouthwash NEW
by: Anonymous

Hello, and thank you for posting this as I also suffer from tonsil stones and as its rather embarrassing to talk about I have stopped asking Doctors etc what it is. I am studying holistic nutrition and the connection to candida yeast infection makes so much sense and I will be doing a candida flush now. I have also found a mouth wash that contains silver which fights bacteria, tonsillitis, helps eliminate odours, etc, which may also help while doing a candida flush. Good luck and thank you for posting this webpage.
In health, happiness and fresh smelling breath

Aug 15, 2011
Read: The Body Ecology Diet (by Donna Gates)
by: suggestion!!

I have suffered from tonsil stones, lethargy, inexplicable weight gain, bad skin, rashes, cold hands/feet, etc. -- and recently discovered that I have a candida overgrowth. I was not familiar with the spit test, and, franky, I am not quite sure of its accuracy because everyone has candida and other yeast in their systems: over 80 percent of the cells in our bodies are not human cells at all; they belong to parasites, bacteria, and yes -- yeast.

Some of these are good. There are good bacteria. There is good yeast. And some -- like Candida -- are bad for our bodies.

We will never be able to get rid of all the bad bacteria/yeast in our bodies, and so everyone will have a bit of it always. A healthy body, however, will always have significantly more good bacteria (aka probiotics).

Antibiotics are tricky because they never kill all the bacteria in our systems and actually almost always wipe out significantly more good bacteria than bad (thus slowing the healing/cleansing process and creating an environment in which the bad bacteria can come back with a vengeance).

If you think you may be suffering from Candida, you should DEFINITELY check out a book called "The Body Ecology Diet" by Donna Gates. It is readily available at most libraries to check out/renew for free, and her suggestions are all really manageable -- It is not a "diet" in the traditional sense. If you are underweight, it'll actually make you gain. (Most folks lose weight). Really, it helps you understand your inner ecosystem and helps you to stabilize it so that the yeast is no longer out of control. The author makes it affordable and doesn't just promote her own products like a lot of health solutions. It has been a life changer for me and I highly recommend it.

Dec 06, 2010
I Agree
by: Anonymous

Thank you. This has been most helpful as a summary, as I too have been suffering for the past ten years with the same condition, and it just did not make sense. With all the brushing and chewing gum, how could there be such bad breath? And to top that, the feeling that something's been stuck in my throat forever!! Life has been hell, but I believe, action to eradicate it is all that is needed to say goodbye to it for good. The first step was to find out what the problem was in the first place, and now solutions should follow!

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